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Back by Popular Demand! Intermountain Paducah GP10s on Sale!!!
ESU LokPilot DCC Non-Sound Decoder $109.99
ESU LokSound DCC Sound Decoder $164.99

Fox Valley GP60M & Standard Cab GP60s on sale!!!
DCC Ready $99.99

ScaleTrains PS-2CD 4785 CF Covered Hoppers and Kit Classics Hot and in Stock!!!

Tangent 4180 GATC Airslide Hoppers are Hot and in Stock!!!

Bowser C-636 CP Rail Special!!!
DCC Ready Non-Sound $99.99
Sound w/DCC $149.99

Broadway N Scale EMD E6, E7, E8, F3 & F7s are Hot and in Stock!!!

Atlas HO Alco C424 & C425's Hot and in Stock!!!

ScaleTrains Tier 4 GEVo's ET44AC, ET44AH, ET44C4, and C45AH. Hot and in Stock!!!

Tangent HO Scale PS4750 Covered Hopper New and in Stock!!! $41.99

Rapido HO Scale Cylindrical Hoppers Hot and in Stock!!! $39.99

Walthers N Scale SW1200 Switchers are New and in Stock!!! $64.99

Intermountain N Scale SD40-2 Sale!!!
DCC With ESU Loksound

Fox Valley N Scale Ortner 5 Bay Rapid Discharge Hopper Sale!!!
$9.99 Each for 4 or More!!

Scale Trains HO Scale Gunderson 5188 CF Covered Hoppers
Hot and in Stock!

Moloco HO Scale 50' FGE Boxcars and Others in Stock!

Tangent Pullman Standard PS-2CD 4750 Covered Hoppers in Stock!

Tangent Scale Models HO SALE
Select cars $34.99
PS 4740, 4000, Dry-Flo and 4180 Airslide Covered Hoppers
Class X58 Boxcar, PS-1 Hy Cube Boxcar, 8,000 & 6,000 Gal. Tank Cars

70 Ton Welded Gondolas $26.99

Broadway E1s & EAs in Stock!

Athearn HO GP7s & GP9s Sound and Non-Sound in Stock!

Trainworx HO 40' Drop Frame Trailers in Stock!

Athearn Genesis SD60M & SD60I Sale!
Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, Conrail and BNSF

Non-Sound $99.99


Kato N Scale Milwaukee Road Olympian Hiawatha Sets In Stock!!!