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Now Shipping! The Kato U.P. FEF-3
And Also the #TCS1556 K6D4
Decoder for the FEF-3

The Water Tender set

And we now have the Water Tender
Lighting Kits

Now Listing All of our Branchline Pullman Car Kits Online!

New Products

Athearn Genesis GP38-2 High Nose Hood
Lombard Price: $109.99
Athearn Passenger F3A/F3B Locomotives
Lombard Price: $239.99
Athearn RTR 28' Parcel Trailer
Lombard Price: $18.99
Athearn Genesis GP40-2 Diesel Locomotive
Lombard Price: $124.99
Athearn EMD SD40-2 Diesel Locomotive
Lombard Price: $99.99